Why do Italians live so long?

It’s universally acknowledged as Italy, this lovely place kissed on the forehead by Dea Fortuna, was the most beautiful country in the world.
About this topic I must reject any objection, my dear friends, and, if you don’t feel like my humble belief, take a look to the UNESCO report: fifty-five sites (since today) recognized as World Heritage, between natural, historical, architectural, even culinary… the largest quantity on the planet.
But, my devoted readers, it’s not my intention to talk about obvious thing.
Instead, I want introduce to you the Italians, firstly by refuting and rejecting annoying cliché and also to show some aspects of our way of life that I am sure are poorly known.

If you are some of that guys that imagine Italians busy all day (including holydays) eating pizza and spaghetti _ about this I had an embarrassing welcome in a restaurant in Stockolm, but I’ll tell it again, if you have curiosity _  and playing mandolino, I must disappoint you: i.e. I play guitar and not mandolin, and not all the day.

After this brief introduction, I would like to begin with an important, quite fundamental argument: why do Italians live so long?

This is why Italians live so long
Please friends, avoid easy answer: yes it’s true, we have sun, sea, lakes, mountains, temperate climate, lot of water, good and sometimes excellent public healthcare, charming towns and villages, aptitude for socializing, expansiveness and an excellent art of getting by. It’s not so true all over the whole country, but in most part of it yes.
Open your ears and mind because I’ll now reveal to you the real reasons why we live more than other peoples:

  • Mediterranean diet;
  • Sex.

About diet you could consult thousands of sites and all of them will recommend to you a correct mix of carbohydrates, protein, fats and sugars for improve health and wellness; yes all true, but I ask to you: What about ingredients? What about cooking? What about the taste of eating? (à propos of cooking, I’ll talk about this in a future episode “Why Italians love their moms so much”) And, of course: what about wine? You know, we produce great quantity of wine and personally I offer a substantial contribution to domestic consumption, as you can guess from this few rows.

But, once you have well eaten, my dears, how to spend the rest of the time?
You have surely heard the names of famous latin lover of the past: Giacomo Casanova, Rodolfo Valentino, Silvio Berlusconi, but what you don’t know is that inside each Italian you could find a latin lover, even in late age.

Take me, for example, I have sex five times a day: 1) just woke up, with my wife 2) middle morning, with my colleague Virna; 3) at noon, in the company canteen, with chi c’è c’è; 4) in the evening, bis with my colleague Virna; 5) during dinner, with my wife again. Never during the night, sleeping is necessary to restore potency.
Unbelievable, isn’t it? Considering my age, moreover.

I have only a little problem, added to my poor knowledge of English, my memory: what is precisely sex, stuff you can eat?


11 pensieri su “Why do Italians live so long?

  1. Visto che mi hanno detto che gli italiani all’estero hanno votato meglio di quelli in patria, io provo ad andare… 😁 sull’inglese però spero che qualche autoctono lo legga e mi corregga gli errori. Non credo che ne scriverò molti altri, comunque. Però quello sul perché gli italiani amano così tanto la mamma si. 😁

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